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NYC Medical Transportation

The NYC Med Trans project is expanding its NEMT, paratransit, and institutional fleets by obtaining new vehicles and creating new tech and facilities. NYC Med Trans is also developing more successful operations strategies and technology, while maintaining the assets required to keep providing top-tier service in NYC and the tri-state area.

NYC MedTrans is a $30 million project within NEMT, paratransit, and institutional transportation, which is a large field that’s lucrative and constantly expanding. To scale, the NEMT industry alone is valued at more than $33 Billion in the United States. 50 contracts have already been signed with medical facilities in the New York City area for NYC MedTrans, and more contracts are always under way.


NEMT and Institutional work is covered by government programs like Medicaid and Medicare, while Paratransit is a government program created by the federal Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). NYC is one of the largest recipients of these government programs. As such, vehicle acquisitions ensure the fleets will be able to expand to serve a higher volume of people. There are several divisions under NuRide that serve the NEMT market segment, including livery & accessibility, ambulette, and institutional fleets. Each holds its own Department Of Health license and abides by the ADA, ensuring customers receive exceptional service.

Livery & Accessibility Fleet

  • Features sedans and wheelchair-accessible vans capable of carrying up to seven passengers.
  • Provides curb-to-curb service.
  • Livery NEMT offers efficient transportation that's tailored for individuals traveling to and from medical care facilities, doctor’s appointments, and other care facilities.

Institutional Fleet

  • Consists of larger vans capable of carrying groups of 7, 14, or 25 people.
  • Uses efficient scheduling and routing systems to provide comfortable, timely, and convenient transportation to transportation-disadvantaged groups who need institutional services.
  • The primary targets are services such as adult day care programs, that require groups of participants to arrive and depart at the same time.

Ambulette Fleet

  • Provides door-to-door service to the disability community.
  • Uses specialized vehicles that can accommodate people with varying needs who require additional help getting into a vehicle or who need to transport large or motorized wheelchairs.
  • Ambulette drivers receive special training and hold special Department of Motor Vehicles and Department Of Transportation licenses to ensure they provide exemplary service.


This project encompasses the development of RouteMind software products and the DATRide smartphone app - both designed specifically for the needs of the non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT), paratransit, and institutional transportation market.

  • Routemind: One of the first fully autonomous, NEMT dispatch systems. Fleets of all sizes can use Routemind to dispatch their trips using high-end route optimization algorithms, featuring real-time routing optimization that continually works to improve routes. As a cloud-based SaaS technology, numerous tenants can utilize this system with little operational and administrative cost.
  • DATRides: A transportation smartphone app specifically dedicated to providing disabled and elderly customers with NEMT using wheelchair accessible for-hire-vehicle (FHV) fleets. The app was designed with specialized features for the ease of use for those with disabilities, and is regulatory-friendly. DATRides: uses an intelligent demand-distribution algorithm based on the efficiency, performance, and service of the fleets.


New facilities for operations, administration, and support functions will be created to better support the business and its affiliates. This will be vital as NYC Med Trans is creating new jobs for drivers, repair technicians, and other fleet personnel. These facilities and the operations within will be managed by Fleet Management & Maintenance (FMM), which will provide repairs, maintenance, and management of all vehicles servicing the NEMT, paratransit, and institutional segments of New York.

As there are many FHV fleets in New York City, there’s a high demand for the services that NuAuto and FMM will provide; especially with the higher levels of technology in modern vehicles. Smaller fleet owners don’t have the resources to maintain the vehicles they own, and larger fleets require using disparate resources that all work on different schedules and pricing models. NuRide's Med Trans project will help to alleviate these problems for both segments of the FHV market.

Planned Expansions

Additions to the fleet
New operations and tech
Tailored apps and software
Building new facilities
Creating jobs